Compatible Matrimony for urban and progressive Indian singles

Break the archaic realm and privately find your lovely life-partner with Shortcake: India's first and best compatibility matching and search algorithm by Marrily.

On signup, you will be taken to Shortcake Listener Bot to build your Marrily profile.

Verified & trusted profiles
Alike sane matches
It's free
Security and Privacy

Marrily's structure

[A] Website

It is the beautiful part that you see and where you learn about Marrily.

[B] Shortcake

Shortcake Algorithm is the beautiful part that you do not see. It is the machine learning algorithm which finds best prospects for you.

Shortcake Listener is a conversational interface on which you build your Marrily profile for finding most lovely and compatible prospects and indicate your interest in those prospects to start talking to them.

How Marrily works


Shortcake Listener understands your compatibility traits

Sign up on home page with Google login. Shortcake Listener will pop up and will take you through step by step questions to understand your compatibility traits and will build your profile.



Your profile is verified on the backend through an intelligent big-data network. If details are found incorrect, you will not be allowed to proceed further and you will be notified on mail.


Matchmaking on the backend

Shortcake intelligent engine will find an awesome prospect for you where personalities of both of you match.


Time to show your smile

You and your prospect will be asked to mail your recent photos on


A mail of excitement

You and your prospect will be notified on mail about this match along with each other's profile and compatibility except your email addresses and consent to connect you two will be asked separately.


Live the story

Only if both of you indicate interest in each other and provide consent to connect, email addresses details of both of you will be shared to each other. And then you guys take it forward to make it an unforgetable connection. 😊

Marrily's timeline

Marrily's disruptive features

Privacy and safety

Search, connect and commit in privacy, no family involvement. Your data is secured with highest standards.

Perfect matches

Get a dating driven matrimonial experience. Shortcake compatibility matching engine recommends you highly compatible profiles.

Verified handpicked Profiles

100% verified handpicked profiles with our big-data intelligence.

One-click Sign in

Its free

You don't have to pay anything.

Only email needed

The only contact we need from you is your email.

Convenient offboarding

Just drop us a mail and we will remove your profile from backend.

Weekly summaries

You will receive summary of your prospects every weekend.

Intent reversal

We maintian a day's padding before informing two about the match. You can reverse if you decided not to connect with prospect anymore during the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Your profile will be created after you provide your email ID to Shortcake Listener. This will be required once in lifetime and your profile will be stored in Marrily's server.

You can send a request on to delete your profile or if any updates are required.

If you are new to Marrily and have not heard of it before, naturally we need to prove our environment of trust. There are few ways - (1) Go through media coverage, (2) See the real testimonials of users, (3) Go through LinkedIn and Instagram profiles of your prospects - URL to these profiles will be provided to you as they are matched to you, (4) We will not collect your phone number as we have built a business model that does not need a phone number, (5) We are resurrecting and we want to grow large along with your success in match finding, so we need your trust now and forever, hence all your data remains safe with us. Well you can hire a hacker and if the hacker is able to get your details, the entire hacker's fee and penalty for your data breach is on us! We assure this won't happen 😊

Marrily is a matrimony website that believes there is a better way to find your desired partner. At the core, Marrily's Shortcake algorithm works hard on recommending only the best to you. And, you do not have to worry about the usual nags as each user is verified. Moreover, non-serious users are identified and removed on a regular basis. If you are seriously looking and have no time for random enquiries and interests, you have come to the right place. Marrily's emphasis is on love, compatbility and privacy. No matter whether you are open to get married in your own community or outside your community.

We want to keep it cost effective for users. Currently we are not charging anything from users. Maintining an app is costly and we do not want unit economics to come in way of our services.

This is not a part of our immediate strategy as our focus is on making Shortcake algorithm best in searching partner and matching compatibility while keeping the service cost effective. If you have a profile on Marrily, which you can build with Shortcake Listener, you will be notified if Marrily gets available on app.

No. Nothing is paid. The service is free. You don't need to provide your payment details.

Marrily will never call you. Marrily will only send communications through email address. Marrily will never ask you your payment details. If you ever receive a call, an email from some other email address, then you are requetsted not to respond. Write down a mail to explaining the fraud case and we will do our best to protect you from this.

Yes. we are actively committed to respond to your communications.

Totally different. We do not have any association with website. Whereas dotcom website is based in US and are 100% into wedding planning, we are based in India and are 100% into compatible matchmaking.

Founders had observed a gap in society after listening to rather unfunny incidences of matrimonial search by their friends through existing websites and apps, relatives and people whom they were dating. Marrily was launched with an entrepreneurial initiative to fill this gap and making the experience of finding your better half like a breathe of fresh air.

Marrily was shut down in Feb 2018 after two years of fun-time for its teams and users, following some personal reasons of founders. We have started it again in Sep 2021 because we believe we were doing something really good inside the hearts of our users and that must continue.

At Marrily, we believe that if you marry for love and your betterhalf is compatible, life is happy for you. Now think of it on a larger social scale. More compatible weddings can remove many social problems of India like relation with inlaws, relation with child, corruption, and improve productivity of a married person. So we intend to keep every segment of society empowered to use this service without thinking of payment.

We have adequate funding from friends and family. We use it for maintaining trust and safety of users, security of profiles, run this website, maintian the team and keep improvising Shortcake algorithm so that it remains best in finding your better half.

Shortcake works on machine learning which is designed with computer sience professor at IIT Kanpur. Profile verification is done using big-data intelligence.

Well, Marrily gives you superpowers, and you are expected to use the superpowers to find your better-half to settle with. Don't use it as a dating-only platform, go beyond that. You have lot of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Truly-Madly, OkCupid, Happn etc. Use those apps if you want just a date. Use Marrily for good things beyond dating: connect > date > commit > marry.

Shortcake generates compatibility score for a man and woman. This score is natural. However, you can set your preferences about specifics and your compatibility score will be calculated only for users filtered by your preferences.

Section 377 of Indian Penal Code maintains same sex marriages to be illegal. Unfortunately, therefore Marrily does not have this facility.

No. Marrily does not entertain any such requests. Marrily does not work like a marriage bureau or marriage society. Marrily is an new-age automated service that finds prospects compatible for you as your better-half and works in a systematic way. Know more about its working here. Please note that requests to share contact details of wedding prospects will be ignored and you will receive no response to such requests.

Very simple. You start with Shortcake Listener. You build your compatibility profile using it. Go through how it works section to understand what happens step by step.


What they are saying about us

Marrily Matrimony App proved to be one of the most helpful app in connecting me with lot of potential partners. Its innovative features gives a seamless experience. Amidst plenty of matrimonial platforms which I feel are very cluttered, this is one smooth and simple app.


(User identity undisclosed)

Most relevant website for Matchmaking. Easy to use and gives relevant matches. Avoids dump of mindless matches which saves time and effort. Very good app. Thanks to the team.


(User identity undisclosed)

The App looks very youngish and engaging. It is certainly meant for the sincere lot who are keen at finding the right life partner. Well made.


(User identity undisclosed)

Very unique concept. Profiles are very good with all details Have tried many matrimony app but merrily is far better then all of them.


(User identity undisclosed)

This is a great app to find a likeminded partner. I've been using it for a few days now and finding it much better and different from the shadi app where its only the parents doing the talk. And unlike tinder only serious people here. A Happy and Hopeful user 😊😃


(User identity undisclosed)

Very Unique Concept of meeting your life partner.. convenient and safe way to choose your soulmate...


(User identity undisclosed)

Saves time and finds perfect match, This app knows what you are looking after - Antaryami!!😊


(User identity undisclosed)

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